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Assessment system for the classification of those techniques identified as "Best Available Technique”

The Best Available Technique is identified by the following criteria:

- The lowest level of negative environmental impact per unit of time or volume of production;

- Cost-effective introduction and operation;

- Application of resources and energy saving methods;

- Time span for its introduction;

- Commercial application of this technique on two or more facilities that demonstrate negative impact on the environment.

To estimate the technological elements when selecting BAT for livestock farm the following criteria are considered:

  • ammonia emission and odor;
  • emission of fine particles (dust);
  • methane emission;
  • nitrous oxide emission;
  • loss of N/P;
  • manure output;
  • energy inputs;
  • water consumption;
  • feed inputs
  • bedding consumption
  • providing comfort for animals and people;
  • nutrient use efficiency (material balance) in the entire production chain;
  • economic evaluation 
  • capital costs associated with emissions reduction
  • operating costs associated with emissions reduction

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